About us

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Aiming to be better every day. Striving to deliver the best.

Right from the start, the intention of Green Hill Sport was clear: make the best sportswear and best sports gear on the market. And become a brand synonym with quality, beauty and excellence. Like the sports people we provide for, we aim to be better every day, get the best out of ourselves and strive to deliver the best to our customers.

Where We Come From

A family business that started in 1964 from the efforts of one person. A man with a strong idea, courage and self-confidence to do things different. He founded a company with a deep respect for the origins of martial arts, tradition, quality and beauty at the center. With the intention to deliver top quality sportswear and sports gear to sports people around the world.

Where We Are Today

We started out with producing equipment for boxing and martial arts and have become one of the world’s leading sports brands. A reliable supplier with an eye for the latest trends and advancements in materials, production techniques and sports technologies. Always in compliance with international quality standards - Green Hill is certified from ISO 9001.

The Way We Work

Our brand values provide the framework for how we do business at Green Hill Sport. They guide us in everything we do - from key business decisions to day-to-day activities. In practice this means we cooperate with each other, our partners and our customers with an eye for details. We operate with compliance to labor rules and work with great respect for sustainable development and environmental protection. We care for all sports and for all people.